iPHONE Dilemma & A Few Stories


I’m sure you have heard all the rumors spreading through the internet about the launch date of the new iPhone 5 or iPHone 4S.  There are even videos claiming to have prototypes of the new device.  One thing we know for sure is that Apple is usually tight lip about any information leaking out.  Some people are saying that orders will start sometime this month and delivery of the new idevice in early Oct.  Other rumors talk about production problems and meeting the demand.  I have a dilemma because my iPhone 4 is in almost new condition.  I am very happy with it but I am one of those individuals who like to have the newest electronic devices.  I guess I consider myself an early adapter.  I know that there are people out there with the opposite dilemma and that dilemma is that they have a broken button, speaker, or screen and they are holding off for the new iPHone instead of investing some cash to fix their broken iPhone.  I can tell you one scenario where its win/win.  Lets say you have a broken screen on your iPhone 3gs.  For $65 bucks you can fix it, have it up and running.   You can use it once again and when the new device comes out you could potentially sell your old one for a couple of hundred bucks. If you are due for an upgrade and all you need to put down is the $199 for the new 2 year renewal then that old iPhone just paid for your new iPhone.

iPhone Repair Experts









The beauty about Apple products is how well they maintain their value.  Its definitely worth fixing them.  If you have any problems from hardware to software issues we are here to help you out.  We have fixed thousands of iPhones and iPods.  We pretty much have seen it all from the iPhone that was dropped out of a moving vehicle to the angry girlfriend who hurled it against a concrete barrier to the iPhone that’s taken a dive on the waters of Waikiki Beach.  We can trouble shoot your device if you don’t know what’s wrong with it and give you a free quote if you want to figure out if its worth fixing or not.  Most repairs average around $50 bucks.

I can't live without my iPhone








We are located at Hawaii’s most popular outdoor mall(The Ala Moana Shopping Center) and the shopping destination for people visiting our beautiful islands.  We have served customers from all corners of the world as far away as Saudi Arabia, India, Japan and our friends down under in Australia.  I even had an Australian sailor email me letting me know that her aircraft carrier would be pulling into Pearl Harbor in a couple of days and booked her iPhone 3gS screen repair online.  I’m glad we were able to keep this sailor and ally texting and multi tasking once again.  We’ve had others who have been in despair because their wedding pictures were stored away in their iPhone that no longer powered on.

Memories are priceless










We solved the problem and were able to save their pictures and to see the screen light up again and see this precious moment recaptured by having the customer show us their wedding pictures as the wife cried with joy.  Its a once in a lifetime rewarding experience.  Should you need our repair services, plan on traveling overseas, have software issues or just have a question please feel free to give us a call at 808-955-7470

We Love iPhones

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