What’s To Love About the iPhone 5?

So what did you think of the release of the new iPhone 5?  Well its got a sleek new design.  Its got a taller yet not wider screen.  Its a full 4 inches, they didn’t get away from the universal idea of the thumb being the main determinant on the width and height of the design.  I agree that this feature is super important.  What this tells me is that Apple stayed true to the idea that its about simplicity and ease of use.  Its new sleek design yet still remaining in both black and white stays true to their simplicity of product offers.

New Sleek Design-Lighter Faster


Some people may complain about the new charging port going away from the 30 pin iPod design that first came out in 2003 to the new lightning design digital connection.  I know what are you going to do with all those accessories that have the 30 pin plug.  Well apple has designed an adapter and I will say that almost a decade of the 30 pin is a long time in this day and age.  I also agree with Apple that so much is now wireless from speakers to data transfer.  Another cool feature about the new iPhone 5 is the speed of its processor.  The new A6 chip is up to 2.5 times faster than the A5.  So the three things I see from this new iPhone is that its lighter, faster, bigger display.  Now my question is that are all these enough reasons to go out get that new iPhone 5 if you already have an iPhone 4S?  I don’t know about you but I am definitely getting it.  I like both the black and white but I am leaning more toward the white iPhone 5.  One more thing I left out was that its also going to run the LTE data network which means faster data download making your internet experience all the better.  What I am not looking forward to is standing in the long lines waiting to get my hands on my iPhone 5.  If you are planning on getting yours on the 21st of September which is when it will start going on sale at Apple retail stores and on the 14th online.  Bring water, good comfortable shoes and some patience.

Taller Screen & Faster Processor


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