Capture Those Fireworks On A Working iPhone

Don’t let a broken screen or a broken camera stop you from making the most of this Fourth of July. Take it to Tech Armor open Fourth of July until 7 PM. If not today then get it done tomorrow. We are Hawaii’s fast convenient iPhone iPad laptop repair experts. Most repairs in about an hour. Visit our website at to learn more about our services.

Luxury iPhone Cases Hawaii

BMW iPhone X BeigeBMW iPhone X Beige_2An example of one of the several Luxury Brands we carry at Tech Armor Hawaii.  We will also carry Guess, Mercedes, Ferrari, Karl Lagerfeld, Mini, Chevrolet, and Corvette.  Stop by our Ala Moana Center location see our collection.  Your iPhone, the contents in it deserve the very best case and nothing speaks luxury like a genuine leather luxury brand.  Treat yourself or a loved one to one of our cases.  Call us at 808-955-7470 or visit us at to learn about our various services.

Best Design S9 Wallet Case

Looking for a stylish wallet case for your Samsung S9. Not only does it look good and protect your S9 but it also offers a bit of privacy with the cover, or you can remove it and have just the shell. Stop by Tech Armor and pick up one today. You call also call us at 808-955-7470 or visit to learn about other products and services we offer.

iPhone 7 Camera Issues?

Blurry, twitchy or broken camera lens? We can help. Get it repaired in time for the 4th of July Fireworks. One of the most important functions on your iPhone 7 is taking pictures and video.

Don’t miss that special moment because your camera is malfunctioning. Stop by one of our Tech Armor locations and get it repaired, often within an hour. You don’t need an appointment either and we warranty our work. Stop by Tech Armor or call us today 808-955-7470. Remember to #TakeItToTechArmor for all your iPhone repair needs.

My iPhone 6S Doesn’t Hold A Charge

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Is your iPhone not holding a charge?  One of the common problems after having your iPhone a couple of years is that the battery starts to lose its charge fairly quickly.  One minute you are at 80% then it drops down to 10% in a matter of minutes.  As annoying as this may be, like anything else more than likely the battery has simply lived out its normal life cycle.  There are various factors that do affect how long the battery life will last.  This ranges from how often you charge it, do you use a battery pack, what type of charger do you use, do you do heavy video playing or gaming on your iPhone.  Having been in the cell phone repair business for over 9 years we notice certain model iPhones start coming in for battery replacement usually 18-30 months from initial launch.  As it reaches more into the 30 month range we see more of that model.  Although the manufacturer offers various options from free replacement to for as little as $25 for  certain models.  The problem is that often you have to set up an appointment if they have your model battery in stock, otherwise you have to wait several weeks until they restock.  If you are like most people not being able to be without their mobile phones for not even a day waiting weeks is just not an option.  This is where this opens an opportunity for Tech Armor Hawaii to serve you.  Typically this repair takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending if there are other repairs occurring.  You don’t need an appointment and we even warranty the battery for 90 days.  Prices start at $59 depending on the model iPhone.  Although the price is more expensive than the manufacturer the convenience often outweighs the price.  We have five convenient locations in Hawaii (Ala Moana Center in front of McDonalds, NEX Pearl Harbor in the rotunda, Pearlridge Uptown near Ross, Ka Makana Alii in Kapolei in front of Cinabon, Whalers Village in Lahaina Maui).  If you have any questions you can give us a call at 808-955-7470 or go to  Let us get your iPhone back in full charge so that you can keep on charging through the day.


iPad2LCD WhiteTake It To Tech Armor-For fast convenient iPad screen repairs since 2009.  Five convenient locations   808-955-7470.  No appointment necessary

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Tech Armor Locations

Five  great Tech Armor locations to choose from.


Tech Armor Map

Tech Armor Ala Moana: located in Ala Moana Shopping Center.

You can find us on the Ground Level, Mountain Side of Ala Moana Center,near Hawaiian Island Creations.

Ala Moana Map

Ala Moana Center Map

Tech Armor Pearlridge: located in Pearlridge Shopping Center.

You can find us on the Second Level, Uptown near Ross.Pearlridge Map

Tech Armor At Ka Makana Alii: located in Kapolei in the Ka Makana Alii Center in front of Cinnabon.
Ka Makana Alii Map

Tech Armor NEX: located in the Mall at Pearl Harbor NEX.

You can find us on the First Level in the Rotunda. 


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