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    1. Do you fix HTC Incred 2. The display is intact but fails to display a clear or visible picture. If so what is the usual turnaround.

      1. Jovan,
        We charge $150 to fix it. Its a special order so we require prepayment. Once we receive payment we order the part and take about 5 days to receive the part. Let us know if you are interested in repairing your phone.

        Tech Armor

    1. James,
      We are at the Ala Moana Center ground level mountain side. Between woodland and McDonald’s right outside of Hawaiian Islands Creations. Give us a call if you have any questions at 955-7470.

    1. Christel,
      We sell the GEVEY turbo sim card. Its now $49.99 and we can unlock 4.3.1,4.3.2 and soon 4.3.3 Give us a call if you have any questions at 955-7470.

      1. I’ve been reading around, is using the Gevey sim illegal being that you need to dial out to that 112 number?

      2. You can dial any number you want, you’re not supposed to let it ring or connect. However “connecting” to certain emergency networks without the intent to use them could potentially be considered misuse. We recommend you follow the instructions and do diligence.

  1. Are you able to unlock a Nexel Blackberry 8350i?

    If possible, can I get an estimate of cost and how long it would take?

    Thank you very much!

  2. do you only fix iphones? my friend has a motorola blur and it has a cracked screen. i was hoping if you guys could fix it for her? thanks!

      1. Ashley,
        take off the battery cover and battery and under it should say the model number. I believe its a cliq xt. I just want to confirm before we give you a quote. thanks.

  3. i have an iphone 4. i dropped it and the front glass screen is cracked. can you replace it? if so, how much would it cost and how long would it take? I tried to book an appt for a cracked front screen but it’s not listed as an option.

    1. Lauren,
      It’s listed under the glass/LCD combo. For the iPhone 4 when the glass breaks you also have to replace the LCD. It comes as a combo. You can also come to our location if you don’t want book online and it’s $140. It comes with a 90 day warranty. Our number is 955-7470.

  4. Hello,
    Coming to Hawaii for holiday and wonder if u unlock iPhone 4s so I can use a us sim card?
    Kind regards

    Mr Ellström

    1. Mr. Ellstrom,
      We do unlock iPhone 4S. What modem firmware are you on. Go to settings, general, and about. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen. Let us know, also apple recently put out a new firmware update and if your iphone is on the latest firmware (2.0.1) we can’t unlock it. Thanks for inquiring and have a safe trip.

      Tech Armor

  5. Hi I got a iPhone 3g or 3gs that a friend of mine gave to me but it says need a atnt sim card to activate but I’m with T-Mobile it was unlocked and jailbroke but I pluged it in to iTunes and it restored the whole phone so let me know what you guys can do for me thanks and how much

    1. Brian,
      Bring it in and if we can unlock it for Tmobile it will be $30 and if we can’t we won’t charge you. Give us a call at 955-7470 if you have any questions.

      Tech Armor

  6. Hi, do you guys can jailbreak an iphone 4s 5.1.1 ios?, coz redmond pie jailbreaks ios 5.1.1 now. Tnx. And how much you charged for it.

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