iPod Touch 1st-4th Generation

iPod Touch Repairs
Where can i fix my ipod touch? Tech Armor


at Ala Moana Center

We repair iPod Touch 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Generation:

Your iPod Touch Glass & LCD Repair Experts



Headphone jack

Battery replacement


Charging Port





at Ala Moana Center

Easy drop off & pick up

11 thoughts on “iPod Touch 1st-4th Generation

  1. I was wondering if Tech Armor Hawaii does replacement digitizer screens for iPod Touch 3rd Generation? And if yes, how much is replacement? The LCD screen is still okay. Thank you.

    1. Hi Christopher,
      We can repair the LCD on the itouch 3rd generation. The cost is $85, includes the part/labor and 90 day warranty. Give us a call if you have any questions at 955-7470.

      Tech Armor

    2. Hey Chris..If your interesed in fixing your Iphone yourself you may want to Check out the following link I have found it pretty simple, having no prior technical knowledge that in itself says alot, and it’s way cheaper than paying someone else to do it. Happy fixing yourself!!!

      Click Here! its pretty simple

      1. Thanks Makeba, I actually went the DIY option first. I find myself pretty handy. I don’t have any problem with computer repairs and parts replacement, but when I picked up a replacement digitizer screen with tools, I ended up snapping the tips off of all of the tools. I even have a friend that has previously done his own replacement and could not get the damaged screen off. Tech Armor was more expensive than DIY, but sometimes it’s worth bypassing the aggravation. My thanks to Matan and Jordan. My son is back in the tunes…

  2. Dear Friend,
    We have been a professional original/genuine mobile phone parts supplier since 2005.Currently, our main products lines including:

    —— BlackBerry 8100 – 9900 Spare Parts ( Housings, LCDs, Accessories etc.)
    —— iPhone 2G – 4S/ipod/ipad Spare Parts . (LCDs, Touch Digitizer, Flex, Battery Cover etc.)
    —— HTC (Housings, Touch Digitizers etc.)
    Top quality products! Competitive prices! Professional service!

    Best Regards,
    Lynn yang

    Email :lynn@vin-sun.com

  3. Hi I have a problem with my iPod touch. The home button is stuck and I can’t use it. There is no clicking sound either. So I was wondering if tech armor Hawaii can fix it?

    1. Taylor,
      Bring it down and we’ll take a look at it. Its labor intensive bacause we have to remove the glass/LCD so we charge $59. Let us know if you still want it done.

      Tech Armor

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