iPhone Quick Tips: Jailbreaking

Love your iPhone but wish you could personalize and customize?  

Should you jailbreak your iPhone? Maybe add a few features?

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Let’s explore the what, why, and how of iPhone jailbreaking,

along with the risks and rewards.


What does it mean to “jailbreak” an iPhone?

Jailbreaking allows the user root access to the phone.  It allows for full control of the device’s operating system permitting the download and installation of apps, themes, tweaks, extensions and other files beyond those officially available through the App Store, whether unavailable or unauthorized.

So why would you want to jailbreak your phone?

Many reasons.  Some of the most common: customization or personalization, add new apps or games, free tethering, custom looks, sounds, gestures, button press, etc…  Some specific examples of available tweaks: Default to non-Safari browser for internet links.  Have map links open in Google Maps instead of Apple Maps.  Use any song as a ringtone.  Password protect and app or folder.  Hide unused stock apps.  Change your font.  Have video or slideshow wallpaper.  Use Wi-Fi only apps on cellular data.  The possibilities are endless!

Sounds amazing!  So what are the drawbacks?

There are many risks associated with bypassing Apple’s software restrictions.  The restrictions are not just in place to limit the user, they also protect the user.  Negative results range from minor to extreme.  You may jailbreak your phone and never have an issue, or you may encounter an issue that “bricks” your iPhone rendering it useless.  On the most basic level, the software has not been tested by Apple and may not be compatible with the device.  A software bypass may weaken the phone’s security, leaving it open to malware or viruses.  Unauthorized programs can cause battery drain, performance issues, glitches, and system instability.

Remember if you chose to jailbreak your iPhone, your warranty with Apple will be void, and any software updates will remove the jailbreak and any modifications or custom software.

So you have decided jailbreaking is for you.  Now how do you do it?

Head over to Tech Armor for a quick, easy jailbreak.  We will jailbreak the phone and install Cydia. What is Cydia?  As best described by the app itself:

Cydia app“Cydia is a software installer that helps you exercise the freedom of your jailbroken device – letting you install any kind of software you want, and helping you make your device even more useful and fun by customizing it to look and work the way you like it.  Most of the packages available through Cydia are not exactly “apps”.  Instead, they are a more flexible kind of software: tweaks (extensions and modifications) and themes for your existing apps, or for the whole experience of using your device.”

Once the Cydia software is installed, open the app and start to play.  Customize your phone’s look, change the settings, download new apps, add tweaks, and experiment to make your perfect device.

Don’t expect it to be as simple as using a non-jailbroken iPhone.  It does take a little time, energy, and computer savvy.  Downloading apps may require a computer and special software.  I found the easiest place to start was exploring the Cydia app and doing a simple Google search for tweaks and extensions.  Once you discover a tweak you want to try, just search for it through the Cydia app and install.  Although there are modifications available for free, there are many that cost a little money as well.  For example, average price for custom themes seemed to range from $0.99 to around $3.99.

So what did I do while exploring the jailbreak world?

First I changed my look.  I customized my lock screen and later added quick launch app shortcuts (CustomLS, JellyLock7).   Next, I added a theme called Benzene which I loaded using the Winterboard app.  I then added an extra column of apps on my home screen, giving me more apps per page (Five-Column SB).  I swapped my carrier name for a Superman icon (Zeppeline).  Customized my control center (FlipControl, CCMeter, CCloader).  Personalized my message app (Messages Customiser). Hid my battery icon (Bolt), and added lowercase letter display to my keyboard (ShowCase).  All with free apps and tweaks.  Thanks and a shout out to the developers for the free tweaks and modifications.My Tweaks

If you decide jailbreaking is for you,

head over to Tech Armor for our quick, easy jailbreaking service!


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